with Monique FLOSI




I paint when there is a click or shock caused by an object or combination of shapes or colors. Wakes up in me, a known universe, but always inaccessible ... Then with difficulty, I engrave, I paint, I try to make emerge my own language. I trace magic signs revealing my own world.

Fascination and enchantment by my own drawings. Feverish expectation of this revelation - my code, my language.


I do not make stationary objects. I capture the moments when I vibrate. I try to register them so that others vibrate. So that they have envied to be. A work of art is successful when the look is different from the meeting.


Painting or engraving is an intransigent quest where, with the rigor of technical work, I try to approach the meaning of the divine and the sacred.

The act of painting reconciles matter and spirituality - the very essence of my human condition.


The act of painting is violent. But the understanding of the magic of light, of the force of the vibrations of colors and lines is slow.


Go to the essential, to seize the conducting line, the spark of life from which will spring the first energies. Be in resonance with these arabesques of colors, these vibrant curves.


In the physical act of painting, I force myself to remove control or censorship so that the soul emerges on the surface of the canvas.


Transmutation of the object into a work of art. Achieve maximum intensity with a minimum of means. Work, eliminate, evacuate to go to the pure.


Much more than the apparent reality of objects, it is my inner vision that reconstructs the essence of reality. It's my poem, my music, my painting.


The creative impulse counts above all. It is not chance but patient observation and quasi-perpetual meditation. We must penetrate the very essence of beings and mysteries of nature. Tame chaos and ritualize with gestures and traces. Go on paths not yet explored to bring out this unique thought, which escapes every time.


Each energy field has a shape field. There is a law of morphic resonance for man, as for the universe in microcosm and macrocosm.


Create a world by my mind and my soul. May this universe in formation reveal my own truth, my own understanding, the one I seek. May revelation break out on my canvas. The one I'm waiting for.