with Monique FLOSI


Text of Raymond Jean, writer



The engraving of Monique FLOSI


A sensitivity "copper flower", as it looks for others "skin flower". FLOSI does not ignore the secrets of the surface of the skin: grain nuances, veins, branches, networks. But she also knows the copper networks. With her engraver's hand (of engraver, to salute this inaugural feminine), she exposes them, digs them, makes them scream. Burin and burnisher, resin and acid, it brings out pearl blue algae, birds, strelizias, strange human tits. Wavy lines, spirals, curves that could be reassuring ... But the fantastic, with its beaks, its claws, its horns, is hidden everywhere in these traps, as in the drawings of the old masters of the genre. Colors and shapes in celebration, but never innocent. Intaglio, not so sweet ... Art sure of itself and its pathways.




Change the world ?

"Change the world" exhibition, Cavaillon (84), 1996.

(large format painting)


Monique FLOSI reassures by the richness of colors and forms. And yet Monique FLOSI worries. Would she tell us that changing the world is an ambiguous enterprise, she would not do it better. In her life is not opposed to death, the man (or woman) to the animal. It even seems that animality is hidden everywhere in his paintings, sometimes disguised, sometimes naked. And the human being is always a bit mythological, even maleficent. In the same way, abundant and flowery, the vegetation always seems vaguely poisonous. Does it come from purples, blues, reds, ochres? In any case, a permanent transmutation takes place, which makes unicorns and swans, horses and felines, centaurs, and birds cohabit in an unknown or future world - of which we never know for sure. they are peaceful or rapacious. The man holds stag, the wife of the siren.


The upside and the place, the top and the bottom are combined. So, no doubt, only good and bad. What a program in this festival of witchcraft and decor!




Exhibition "dust of stars"

Aix-en-Provence (13), 2005.

(large format painting)


For Monique Flosi, dance is not only the deployment of arms, legs, bodies in space, it is also the scattering of stellar molecules that compose us in the cosmos. Yes, star dust! Such is the meaning of the paintings of beautiful pastel colors that she proposes to us, accompanied by engravings where the hairline of the dancing body is inscribed. Release of secret energy in a swirling motion. Resonance of this energy, from figurative to abstract. Having worked with Monique, from the vibrations of the ochres to the palpitations of the animal, I know how much of Rabindranath Tagore's whole painting is crossed: "The same river of life that runs day and night through my veins short across the world ". The dance here is washed away by this river.

November 2004