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Edited books

The soul of Flosiris


Text of Claude Mastre / Pastels of Monique FLOSI.

ALCOR Editions, 2013. Numbered and signed book.

45 euros.


Since 2004, Monique FLOSI draws and paints the Iris, each year, from their flowering to their withering away, tracking the secret of their colorful and symbolic message by accumulating hundreds of pastels, oils, etchings.


This artistic impulse towards the inaccessible is a form of deep meditation that engages and directs every moment of his life. "He who is lost in his passion has lost less than he who loses his passion," wrote St. Augustine. This book bears witness to an infinite quest.   C. M.


The paths of an inspiration


Text and pastels of Monique FLOSI / Préface by Raymond JEAN.

ALCOR Editions, 2013. Numbered and signed book.

45 euros.


With Monique Flosi, these flowers become pure abstractions. His eye discerns the slightest variations. From sumptuous notes taken in pastel. It must be said that pastel velvety befits the petal of the iris, silky and bearded ...


From there, begin the adventure ... A search closer to felt ... Turning the back to the draft, a passion really accomplished ... But never satisfied ... A search that continues ... "Rhizomatous". A fascination for this shameless matrix structure. Fragile convolutions. Dance of petals. By three. A birth. A burst. Spiritual arabesques. We quickly get caught in the scarf Iris ... Iris and Monique Flosi have not finished writing their love story.  François Robin

The Crab

Intimate Chronicles


Text and drawings of Monique FLOSI.

FLOSIRIS Editions, 2015

35 euros.


“You did not know that the Naughty Crab was pinching for you. He slipped one day to the top of the building, in the attics of memory. He lived there for a long time, mad squat munching bad memories. Then he wanted to eat the good ones. He then went downstairs ... ”  Claude Mastre


" During these first nights of insomnia, to calm my troubles, I tried to shine, pearl by pearl, little shy poems. Writing is a land that is unfamiliar to me. I first looked for soft images, dark scarlet violence made to my flesh. At night, black holes open and bloom as at the bottom of the ocean, the sea anemones light up fluorescent beacons, appearing and disappearing in the opalescence of the depths." Monique FLOSI

The garden of Fontaube


Poems of Martine Monteau / Drawings Monique FLOSI.

FLOSIRIS Editions, 2016

35 euros.


This book is the expression of a beautiful conspiring and creative friendship between MARTINE MONTEAU, writer and poet, and MONIQUE FLOSI. This visual artist paints and draws plants with a predilection for the iris. It gives us also to see the fields of energy propagating lines, shapes and colors of the flower. Two foragers who try by their Art to penetrate the essence of the vegetable nature and the mysteries of these silent co-presences.


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The enamelled lava history of the Fontaube castle facade.

A family and symbolic origin.

Drawings of Monique FLOSI.

FLOSIRIS Editions, 2016

35 euros.


"It was necessary to find a link between these windows. In a graphic way, I thought of setting up my family there to anchor ourselves in this landscape of "Sweet France", image of which my childhood had been rocked. I wanted to honor each member of this family that I love, with a subject that brings us together: the myth of each Saint whose name we bear.

I also wanted to pay tribute to all religions and philosophies full of wisdom. My maternal grandmother had introduced me to their tradition, which allowed me to discover the richness of each. In each false window a member of the family would take place and I would offer him, according to my feelings, a sentence, a poem, a quote drawn from each religion and philosophy. Certain sentences of great thinkers of the TAO book - which I regularly opened - appeared to me in luminous letters, so much did their Truth challenge me deeply. These strong poetic images inspired me, as did the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions. It was only on my own representation as a painter that I wrote with my words what I felt and lived." Monique FLOSI


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