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   dry point, etching, aquatint

   Size: in grape, jesus, large eagle






I propose you to buy my works online.


Indicative prices

Engravings: between 120 and 1,500 euros

Pastels of the body: between 100 et 300 euros

Iris pastels: 480 euros

Paintings: 1,000 to 4,000 euros

Drawings: 250 to 600 euros

Books: from 45 euros


The works are signed and dated.


7 steps to buy:


1 - Choose a work.

2 - Note the reference and the technique.

3 - In the CONTACT section, send a message

      with the form, indicating the technique

      of the chosen work as well as its associated reference.

4 - I send you an exact price.

5 - You accept the price by returning a message.

6 - I send you a bank account number on which

     to make a bank transfer.

7 - Once the transfer made, delivery is scheduled.