with Monique FLOSI




The intaglio


“I establish with metal a real dialogue"


[...] "Indeed, I feel in tune with the work of the alchemists, we must not forget that they were the ones who made it possible to discover the engraving The great work was a long journey towards the revelation I do not speak not an initiatory and more or less fanciful step, but a search for perfection that allows the necessary detachment to the creator ".



[...] "When I work, I do not have any precise idea of ​​my composition at first, I engrave the metal, but also I establish with him a real dialogue, sometimes this one is fruitful, other times it is disappointing but never innocent Unknown powers challenge me, I try to interpret their message I am only an artist, and the world I am showing is a reflection of an inner vision that may as well be truth that game of mirrors ".



Interview collected by Pierre Paret,

The Marseillaise, April 1977